Shikigami SDK alpha version

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About changed point

This is the development kid for application of Shikigami corresponded to Shikigami release 1.0. It is organized two modules, which can be used by CPU of Intel X86, cross-developmental environment and self-developmental environment.

What the SDK can do is the following.

  • It can operate the "Shikigami" operation on the PC. (Only For PDA up to this version)
  • It can make Shikigami's GUI using the GUI. (glade/Shikigami)
  • It can make, operate and debug the application for Shikigami.
  • It can cross compile Shikigami's application for "iPAQ" on PC.
  • It has the GUI's front end which can assist these operations.



Contents Size Download
Shikigami SDK cross developmental environment 125.5MB Download
Shikigami SDK self developmental environment 130.6MB Download


Contents Size Download
glade/Shikigami 2.1MB Download

*Please check Shikigami release 1.01 about Shikigami's source.


Contents Size Download
Document set (html file) 372KB Download